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Hiking along the cliff tops of the African south coast in Spring

By: @julescape


Welcome to another edition of the Shape of The Cape with your tour guide Julescape. Spring is arriving here on the South Cape coast of Africa and I took some inspiring photos on my latest hike along the cliff tops at the south coast of Africa recently.


[ENG-ESP] Dentro de las calles del Distrito Capital | Within the streets of the Capital District

By: @leydil


I don't know where you are reading from or at what time, but here in Venezuela today is Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 at 7:20 pm. And Thursdays are to remember, they are from #TBT.


Show Me Your Working Space

By: @xcountytravelers

We all have that special place where we work hard on our HIVE posts. For me, since I live in an RV and do not have a room dedicated to my work, I sit in my recliner with the laptop on my lap. This is also my crafting space as well. You can see I have a fold-away table to hold the various crafting bits, pens, and other things I use daily.


[EN/ESP] #Hivepersonality Favourite and Hated personalities on Hive / #Hivepersonality Personalidades favoritas y no tan favoritas en Hive

By: @sofiaquino98


Hello friends! When I woke up I went to Hive.blog to update myself with the latest posts and I found the publication of @Bluemist and its new initiative of #Hivepersonality.


Shamanic healing journey

By: @ultravioletmag


I hosted a shamanic healing journey in my place. We had such an impactful experience it just happened to land on a pisces full moon ( I am a pisces if that makes any difference lol)


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Good morning and congratulations to the featured authors; Thank you very much to the entire @appreciator team for gathering the best posts of the day in this report. May success always be with you
Have a happy start to the weekend everyone

You are always welcome :)

hello dear friend @bluemist good morning, I appreciate with all my heart your kind words
I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend, a big love for your whole family.

Greetings @appreciator . The link of the second work does not lead to the selected title. As always a great selection. Good work.

Its fixed, thanks for letting me know.

Interesante esto de #Hivepersonality de @sofiaquino98, voy a leer un poco par participar.

Saludos gran trabajo, felicitaciones a los seleccionados !

Felicitaciones a los seleccionados

Saludos a todos y felicitaciones a todos los seleccionados, muy interesante todo, sigan así con el buen trabajo!

What a joy to see that I am in this post. Thank you for your constant support 💞 It is you who inspires me to keep creating good content 💥