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About 10 September | A movie is being made in my city

By: @mister-omortson

Hi everybody! Всем привет! Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hallo allerseits! Поздрав свима!


Historic towns of Kaysersberg and Kientzheim, so close yet so far

By: @haydae


There was
no mistaking we were in Alsace.



By: @paolazun


Hello!! Today is a day of firsts so I am quite excited to be here opening a new book with blank pages to be filled through the Hive community.


[ESP-ENG] Esta soy yo... Yohana / This is me... Yohana

By: @yohadice


Agradecida primeramente al Rey de Reyes, Dios Todopoderoso y también al equipo de la plataforma HIVE, por darme la oportunidad de escribir en este portal, en especial a los amigos @rutablockchain y @bluemist por su valioso aporte en esta nueva oportunidad para mi profesión.


Makeup Challenge Signos Zodiacales : TAURO // Zodiacal Signs: TAURUS

By: @roxifit


Today I present my first Makeup Challenge for you in this community, get ready girls and boys this will be great


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Great and useful work. Nice post. Thanks you.

Greetings, excellent selection, congratulations to the chosen authors.

Thank you.

congratulations to those selected. every day more talents for hive

Thank you

Felicitaciones a todos los mencionados, saludos a todos y que sigan los éxitos!

Muchas gracias

Gran top el de hoy y como siempre muy entretenido conocer nuevos autores.

Especialmente le doy la bienvenida a la plataforma a @yohadice y gracias a @haydae por ese hermoso post, sus fotografías son absolutamente hermosas, postales para recordar.

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Muchas gracias

Gracias por otra selección para disfrutar. Me encanta pasar y conocer por medio de este informe la gente nueva que llega a Hive y otras tantas publicaciones creativas e interesantes. Siempre a la espera de este buen trabajo. Gracias por el apoyo a la comunidad, @appreciator.

Siempre eres bienvenido

Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. Something new this time. A Shooting! Not as in a gunfight but as in a movie. Great coverage of the movie set which is a period setting vampire comedy. The location is just marvelous. Wonder what the title of the movie is? Travel to two historic towns. Such quaint houses and all those vineyards stretching for miles. First time I have seen one. Awesome. Welcome to our new lovely Hive members who cannot help but impress me with their introductory posts. One an artist and another a writer. Hope your journey will be successful here in Hive. And finally, the make-up challenge. The before and after transformation is just unbelievable. Great representation of a Taurus. Lovely selection today @appreciator. Never fails to entertain and satisfy. Great work.

Thank you so much Ruel Sevilla

You are most welcome @bluemist. And allow me to thank you too for all the support and appreciation you extend. I am so much grateful for them. Stay safe and keep up your great work! Muchas gracias.

Felicidades a todos los mencionados! Muy buen trabajo de curación @appreciator 👌

Would love a trip to Alsace. Thank you for supporting the community:)

You are much welcome.

Good afternoon to all my friends and prominent authors of the day. A special thanks to the entire @appreciator team for the great work they do selecting the best posts of the day.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Thank you so much

It is a real treat.
Thanks to you dear friend @bluemist, you do a wonderful job.
happy start to the weekend

Felicidades a todos y la bienvenida a los nuevos usuarios.

¡¡¡Felicitaciones para todos los seleccionados un gran trabajo!!!

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