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Tasty Neapolitan Chicken Milanese / Deliciosa Milanesa de pollo a la napolitana

By: @wesp05


Hey how about Hivers and food lovers, this time I want to show you an incredible and exquisite recipe, milanesa a la napolitana, or well a variation of it because I substituted the mozzarella cheese for fresh white cheese


Inspired Makeup Look: Mythological Creatures- DRAGON/DRAGÓN

By: @justeli


Hello, how are you? Today I join once again the initiative of @mintdream entitled Inspired Makeup Loo in this opportunity with the category of mythological creatures, where in my case I decided to choose the dragon as a source of inspiration. .


Cooler In Photos. Be Real.

By: @medussart

One of the creatures that most fascinated me in Greek mythology, was always Medusa, regardless of the symbolism or different perceptions that each person might create about her.. For me, it represents that duality that is common to all of us, light and darkness, war and peace, strength and weakness, she is carnal and spiritual...



By: @aurauramagic

At first I wanted to post this pixart at the #9 contest of the pixelart page but I could finish it too late. Anyways I wanted to show it to you!


Lensy: User Guide || FAQ

By: @lensy


Lensy is a marketplace for digital photography built on the Hive blockchain. Hive is a fast and feeless blockchain, that scales, is globally accessible, and unlocks an entire ecosystem beyond photography. Our aim is to provide a platform that is easy to use and less expensive for both the photographer and buyer to transact.


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Keep up the good work 🤝 here's a small tip 👍🏾 @tipu curate

Es un honor quedar en este top 5 tan prestigioso de mi amigo @appreciator felicidades a todos los seleccionados.

Siempre llamativa la selección. La milanesa de pollo napolitana se ve extraordinaria, y debe haber quedado deliciosa Hum!

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wow thanks for mentioning me and for the support, really in this selection there is a bit of everything, food, makeup, digital art (amazing), even information for users.
Excellent post @appreciator, thanks for the help given to all the users.
And congratulations to all mentioned.

You are always welcome.

Good morning and congratulations dear friends and featured authors of the day, I loved the selection of the day, thank you very much to all the @appreciator team for doing it
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Its a pleasure.

excellent work, it is important to give it the position that each Post deserves. Good for that. 👊

Saludos amigo excelente selección. Me gusto mucho el pixelart.

Una vez más me quedo fascinada con otra de tus selecciones mi amigo @appreciator, felicidades a todos los que están en esta gala, saludos con cariño para los usuarios, un abrazote. 😘😘

Intentaré seguir dando lo mejor de mí

Wow éstas publicaciones son muy inspiradoras a la hora de generar las nuestras. @appreciator excelente selección!

Muchas gracias

Thank you so much for always supporting our content, we appreciate it ;) Greetings ✌️🎨

Thanks support! welcome

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