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Intel Inside

By: @amaponian


Hoy fui al centro de Barcelona a comprar un fan cooler, un ventilador para procesador de pc, pues mi computadora está atravesando por episodios de sobrecalentamiento. Hace un tiempo me di cuenta de que el fan cooler que tengo no funciona bien:


Making a necklace with electronic recycling. // Haciendo un collar con reciclaje electrónico.

By: @shirahoshi


Greetings readers, today I want to present a craft that will allow us to look fantastic because it is a beautiful necklace made with electronic materials.


Mi presentación en HIVE, emocionada de estar aquí, Hola Soy @AnjiArt

By: @anjiart


Conocí a Hive por mi mamá, @zullyscott, ya que ella está en Hive desde hace mucho tiempo y ella me dio permiso para compartir por esta bella comunidad. (Algunos la podrán conocer, tiene complejo de mariposa, ama el azul, y sus escritos son hermosos, le gusta cantar y sin contar que ama los dulces, y sube uno que otro reto de maquillaje.¿Ya sabes quién es?.


County Travel - More Fun Than You Realize

By: @xcountytravelers


Scott and I love to travel all over the United States. To be more specific, we love going to new counties; we call it "Collecting Counties".


Is it still worth fighting?

By: @nikkabomb


Many people nowadays would easily point out what’s toxic and what’s worth keeping. Many would convince couples to just split up because they will eventually find better halves. While there are a few who still endure the pain for the love worth keeping.


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Great selection, they look very interesting, I'll see how the boy solved the PC overheating. Welcome @anjiart

Thank you so much

Very successful and creative selection. congratulations to the selected ones

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Una gran selección y me alegra ver en ella al amigo, @amaponian, felicitaciones para él y para los demás destacados. Gracias por compartir @appreciator.

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Good afternoon dear friends; Is a
pleasure visiting this curation report, I love the diversity of selected topics. congratulations to all the featured authors and the @appreciator team for the great job they do every day.
I wish you all a wonderful night and a happy rest.

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I feel pleasure doing it, it is the least I can do for you dear friend @bluemis, for how much you do for us
Happy Friday, enjoy it a lot

Felicitaciones a todos los seleccionados, como siempre muy buen trabajo del equipo @appreciator!

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Thank you! It is an honor to appear in this quality content report. Congratulations also to @amaponian, @anjiart, @xcountytravelers and @nikkabomb.

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Felicidades a todos los seleccionados en esta mención, te doy mi bienvenida @anjiart, por supuesto nunca puede faltar mi saludo para @appreciator, gracias a él podemos conocer nuevos usuarios y otras maravillas mediante estos post, gracias. 😘😘😘😘

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Greetings friend appreciator I would like to know what happened to me, days ago I denounced the behavior I had and continues to have newflash that keeps giving negative votes in our posr of the makeup community, stop publishing there and now my post does not receive a cure and I do not know What happened, my situation is quite desperate, I need help.

I think this theme is excellent, very good selection, every day I am getting more familiar with the platform, I recently uploaded my presentation video, I like to see how there is real support here, it is very nice that someone takes the time to see the contents of the creators and really get familiar with them.
If you would like to visit my profile and let me know what you think of my proposal as a content creator.

Amigo no puede ser posible que me dé un buen voto a mis publicaciones ya que estoy reuniendo un dinero para ayudar una hermana que necesita operación y tratamiento y con esta situación en Venezuela no he podido,así que de corazón le pido me ayude como veo que ayuda siempre a varios usuarios aquí ,le agradezco de antemanos,yo público todos los días cualquier cosa,soy venezolana y vivo en Venezuela,gracias