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[ENG-ESP] Iron Patriot Helmet with soda can - Casco de Iron Patriot con latas.

By: @fixie


Hello hive friends, I hope you are well. Today I want to show you how I made the Iron Patriot helmet, the armor that we saw in Iron Man 3. I always liked its design and colors that represented the USA. The helmet, as is my custom, I made with soda cans. I hope you like it and tell me if you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Lilu at Skyrim Nexus || Cosplay

By: @lucianav


After a long time I finally decided to make a cosplay, thanks to my friend @memes777 who gave me the impulse I needed and a great idea for it. So today I bring you the process that took me to make this character and a little bit about this Game.


Un cumpleaños un poco accidentado |A little bumpy birthday

By: @veronicamartinc


Hello community, I hope you are having a great time, today I am going to tell you how my birthday happened yesterday.


My Worst Gaming Experience with "friends" | ✨SKY - Children Of Ligth ✨

By: @laloretoyya


SKY: The children of light. It is an online multiplayer game for cell phones from the creators of Journey. The game begins with a child in the middle of the island and a layer of light


Elementos de un buen post #HiveChat 🧐🧾📈/ Elements of a good post #HiveChat🧐🧾📈

By: @actioncats


The founder of the community @Mayvileros wrote a publication where she invites us to develop in a more profound way any of those five questions, she left the link of the publication here


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great choices again! usual. congratulations @bluemist. but the appreciator doesn't notice me anymore. :) I am very sorry

Work well done is always rewarded, it is only a matter of time and knowing how to wait, for those who know how to wait, everything comes. Thank you very much to the entire @appreciator team for the great healing work they do every day, they make many people happy every day. Congratulations to all the people and friends mentioned in this post
Happy start to the weekend

You wil always be welcomed.

Thank you very much dear friend @bluemist you are very kind
happy sunday and happy start of the week, may it come to you with peace, love, happiness and prosperity

Thanks for including me in this top! I am honored.

You are welcome.

Thank you for recognizing my work and including me in this top of outstanding content ❤️🙌

A well deserved work indeed.

Una vez muchas felicidades a todos, sigan adelante con el buen contenido. Es bueno aprender día a día de sus trabajos.

Soy muy humilde y agradecid

Greetings, congratulations to those selected, great work 👍

Thank you

Thank you for valuing my effort, an honor to be mentioned in this publication, continue to support everyone, greetings

You are much welcome.

Felicitaciones @appreciator por su excelente trabajo minusioso de mostrar los contenidos destacados, así se va aprendiendo de cada uno de ellos. Saludos

Trato de dar lo mejor de mí

Que bueno me alegra mucho esas sinceras palabras. Que Jehová te diga bendiciendo.

Thank you very much @appreciator for taking my work into account. I am very grateful.

You are always welcome.

felicidades a todos, en especial a @fixie cuyo post estuvo brutal!! Marvel Forever!!

gracias por el comentario. y que bueno que te gusto el casco de Iron Patriot..

Gracias, fue un post bien merecido.

Thanks for the support and the mention they are amazing uwu.

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great selections
congratulations all
many sucess @appreciator

¡Felicidades para todos los seleccionados! 🌻

@lucianav me gusta mucho tu trabajo, @Mayvileros excelente aporte.

Felicidades a todos los compañeros seleccionados, buen trabajo, también te felicito a ti mi amigo @appreciator por presentarnos constantemente esta lista de usuarios que cada día dan lo mejor de sí. Saludos

Estoy muy agradecido