A motto I always live by

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"By saying YES to your dreams you are saying NO to your fears."
-Street Feather Project

Some years ago when I was out live painting at a festival, I had turned around to talk to a friend and when I turned back towards my painting this wonderful sticker had been left for me on my paints. Its such a strong, beautiful message and I had to put it on my journal at the time so I could read it everyday and remind myself to not let my fears hold me back ever from doing something I loved.

Street Feather Project was a group of people who would spread inspiring or uplifting messages/quotes around festivals for people to read. They also did a series of stickers as well they would pass out at fests. I haven't seen them around in a couple years, but I wish I saw them more. Always puts a smile on my face reading their messages they put out.



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