I caught my first ever fish! | Musselburgh, Scotland

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Well then to my surprise I have managed to do it! The other day I made a post here saying that previously I had not been successful with my fishing so far and that I may go out and try again...

Well I seen the perfect opportunity, I saw some people fishing while I was on a cycle with my friend so I decided to go over to them and ask how it was going (Keeping a 2 metre distance of course). They told me they had not caught anything just yet however they pointed out that all the sand eels etc were out and you could actually see them.

It was perfect conditions, it was not windy, the water was clear and the other fish the Mackerel eat is everywhere! I hurried home and grabbed my fishing rod and got my other friend to do the same and thank god we did!

After weeks of nothing I done it! Not just one but FIVE all in 1 hour! I decided to keep the biggest one to eat and I let the rest go back. My buddy caught 2 as well in that time.


IMG_1943.JPG The big one is mine!



I remember the first time I caught mine, haha!

I was really happy with myself 😂

hi @btcvenom good evening , it's not easy to catch fish only brave person can do it. keep it up guys.

did you actually say this was your first "ever" fish that you caught? i am guessing catching fish from pond or lakes isn't that common....

so, congratulations i guess....

I caught it in the sea and yeah it is my first ever fish! I will be going to a fishery at the weekend so will see how that goes.

Oo this is awesome, congratulations! Fresh fish to eat...that must have tasted so good😍

It was surprisingly really nice, I had not tasted Mackerel before. It was quite fishy, relatively similar to Tuna but more oily. I had to throw some salt and pepper on there though and it was even tastier!

Simple spices are the best choice. I think it is so awesome to have it straight from the water right into your belly lol. You can't get food fresher than that