I hit the 100+ kills goal in under a day! | Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Yesterday I posted a video of the best game I had yesterday after setting myself a challenge of getting 100+ kills in a game as I had only been able to achieve that 1 time before since Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare was released! I thought it may take a few days of grinding but nope... The day after I hop on, have a game and there we are. I got 107 kills. That challenge totally took a while to achieve :/

I will now probably just upload the best game-play of the day as I try to reach the end of the Battle Pass as I am pretty far behind. I have also been live streaming on Vimm while I was trying to reach this goal and will continue to do so whilst grinding out to complete the battle pass so make sure and pop in if I am live!

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Amazing @btcvenom it is really a great game to play especially if you have the right PC specs to enjoy the game fully.
I myself is not playing anymore because I cannot even sit for long now :/

Hi there @cryptopie , I hope everything is well with you and you are safe at this time!It is indeed a great game. It is something to pass the time and talk to friends at the same time. I play on Xbox so no need for me to worry about PC specs haha. My PC is too bad for that!