Reflection on life and happiness|| Small details make the difference

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Life is a set of unique and unrepeatable situations and moments.
What you experience will never be experienced in the same way again, perhaps with more or less intensity, with more joy or less sadness, but never the same.

We come to this earthly world with a mission, with a purpose to fulfil.

Many times we know the way, others, on the contrary, walk aimlessly and without purpose.

To find the meaning of life is so simple, we did not come to breathe, we came to live, and to live means to be Happy with what you have, with what you want to achieve and for what you fight, on the way there are obstacles, that make you see far away your dreams, people who stop adding to your life and subtract you, subtract you happiness, your first and most important purpose of life, is To be happy.

Happiness is not money, there is a saying that happiness is bought by money, that is false, because you can have all the money in the world, and that does not save you from death by disease, or not having the love of the person you love.

To be happy and purposeful is:

  • Having a family
  • Having a roof over your head
  • To have health
  • Having a job, and being proud of what you do
  • Having the courage to keep going despite the adverse circumstances that life may present
To look at the little details of life and enjoy them; such as:
  • Looking at and contemplating the sky
  • Hearing the birds sing
  • Seeing the flowers on the road
  • Hugging the family
  • Smiling in the mirror
  • Enjoying music

It is so simple to be happy in life, we understand that we need money to acquire certain things for our life, but it is not everything. We can with our aptitude change and better economic aspects being grateful, they call it the law of attraction, and it consists of quoting the word Thank you, for what I have and what I will have, for what I fought for and will achieve.

I feel fortunate to be able to share these lines with you and in turn I show you the pictures of my happy moments.

IMG-20211011-WA0014~2 (2875).jpg
I loved seeing this pigeon perched on a high voltage electrical cable, calm and free, I also like the contrast of its white plumage with the blue of the sky.

Enjoy my family, live unique and unforgettable moments by their side.

Seeing my daughter happy, when she attended the Disney costume festival

Looking at the sky and its beautiful clouds

Walk and enjoy the green landscape

This is me, smiling even though I've had a week with no clients. In bad weather good face, good things will come. I know


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I sincerely agree with you on this, sister. Happiness has no price. Even in my previous post, I wrote about happiness.

I can tell from looking at your photos that you have the greatest degree of happiness that God has ever bestowed onto a person. Always be thankful because nothing can replace that.


I really do, I feel lucky to be alive doing what I love. I didn't always think this way, I just lived and that was it. But as I went through sadness and disappointments I recognised true happiness.