I Am Alive challenge-Day-82 With some updates that is happening around me..

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Hi beautiful world!

I am here with #iamalivechallenge video.. and some updates that is happening around me..
It is one week to go, I fail to recover fully my illness.. I reached here on 15 June. After spending 11 day, I realise that I have some fever. Meanwhile I take medicine. Since then I am continuously taking medicine two time at day . Sometimes I feel better, some time seems like I have fever. I fail to understand what's happening with me.. I am sure this is not Corona but viral fever.. meanwhile with unlock-2 my office is closed till 31st July. I have to go my my native place but there is dilemma in my mind if I infected with Corona epidemic then what would be the future of my family that is why I decided to remain here few more days..

stay safe and happy..

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Start yoga with medicine. Drink only hot water as much as you can. Stay safe. I watched ur video.