Why to create no matter what !

in GEMS2 months ago


We usually create content for some reason. Some just like to create like a hobby. Some like to have the attention of others. Some like to earn from that. In this post I would like to explain why we should create no matter what. Even if we will not have the result we wanted.


The first reason maybe psychological. When we create something we feel that we did something useful today and the day didn't pass for nothing. Also you know for sure that at least we tried to have those results we wanted. That way we will not blame ourselves that we didn't do anything while we could.


The other thing is the social media effect. The more we create the more people will follow us or at least know about us. In term of attention we will have more views. In term of money we will have more upvotes. So, our creation will be rewarded anyway.


The other thing is the improvement. The more we write, the more we learn. The more we create the easier for us will be in the future to create. We will be able to always share what's on our mind. We became more social. We always explore new things. We change our thinking for the best.


After all it's fun to do so. It's better to have a positive hobby instead of having a negative one !