⚡️Help translate our site into your native language and get 500 HIVE

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Hi friends! ⚡️

🔥 Our project CRYPTEX24.IO needs your help.

👉Cryptex24.io is a cryptocurrency exchange, launched in open beta and has the following features:
➡️The availability of a referral program, under which Cryptex24 will pay you ❗️25% of your commission, and if you have 1000 C24 in your personal account, this fee will be ❗️50%.

➡️Low commissions for exchange operations, which amount only 0.1% (0.05% for those who use C24).

➡️Codes for replenishing users' balance sheets.

➡️Ability to transfer "small balances" into C24.

➡️Simple design and user friendly interface.

✔️Currently available for trading: HIVE, HBD, BTC, USDT, TRX, BNB, XRP, XLM, KRB, CBM, ASH and C24 token.

🌐 Who wants to help translate the site of our project Cryptex24.io into your native language (Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Polish, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Filipino or other language), write about it in our discord.

If your translation is useful to us, you will receive 500 HIVE from us.


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Wow this is huge and awesome

Wow this is great, but I will like to get into this if native language "Yoruba" from Nigeria is accepted

This is really a great platform for us …but these languages are all international languages…we in Africa have our own native language and I don’t know if that’s really what you are seeking for

If you’re searching for a Dutch translation, I can help…

Good. I can help n do the job with Persian translation. Here Iranian people really need these exchanges.

Cuentame... Explícame como una niña de cinco años @fragozar 📝📝📝📝

I am latino born so I can assist you with spanish, i'm university graduated and very creative person.

Nice reward!!

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Hive reach to 3 dollar

If you need support with Italian @cryptex24 let us know