Finally My First Official Introduction Post

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Finally My First Official Introduction Post

      Yeah yeah, I know I missed the whole #introducemyself post when that was a thing... but like the ole' saying goes... better to be late than never!

Name: Andrew aka Cryptoknight12

Occupation Global Capital Fleet Equipment & Logistics Procurement, Supply Chain Sourcing Manager

Interests & Hobbies Blogging on Hive, Playing Music: Guitar, Harmonica and Ukulele, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Outdoors & Adventure, Blockchain Gaming, Gaming of All Kinds

Hive Communities LeoFinance, Neoxian, Palnet, DCity (Unofficial), Splinterlands

Education: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration - The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina

Certifications Licensed Customs Broker, Ex-Army Certified Vehicle Mechanic

Commercial Industry Experience

Global Fleet Equipment & Logistics Sourcing, Supply Chain Consulting , Manufacturing, Transportation inclusive of: Freight-Forwarding, 3PL, Inter-modal, Specialized, Medical Waste, Confidential Document Destruction, Hazardous Waste

Specialty: Contract Negotiations, Fleet Acquisition Strategies

Trade Compliance
COO Certifications, HTSUS Coding & Rationalization, Countervailing & Anti-Dumping Duties, Free Trade Agreements, Protests to WTO, Establishment of Free Trade Zones, Customs Entries, ACE Management Review/Audit Customs Records

Specialty: Supply Chain Optimization & Global Sourcing Solutions



Master in Excel, Tableau, Microsoft BI

Make Vs. Buy, Cost Benefit, Mergers & Aquisitions

Category Management

Expert on Supply Chain Best Practices


Supplier Management, Negotiation, Contract Pricing/Management

A Glimpse Into My Life...

I am a single father of amazing 19 mo old son, Owen!

What a cute kid! Wow, do you see any resemblance here?! That's me as a little guy!

... and yeah, I like to gamble!

My cat, Harvey, and view from my old apartment on State Street!

I live in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Where we're always having fun in the sun!

A lot of people assume that since I get court-side bulls tickets I'm a sports fan...

...however, not the case at all! I have little to no interest in sports outside of the UFC or actually playing them!

I did grow up playing sports, and I was best at wrestling!

I gained amazing corporate experience living 6 years in Chicago, Illinois.

Self Background

I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina until the age of 12 where I then moved to Velburg, Germany until I graduated high school. Growing up I was very much into console gaming and everything the internet had to offer, especially when in came to online multi-player gaming.

Once I left Germany, I didn't know what I wanted to do so I joined the United States Army as a Vehicle Mechanic. Since I was in the South Carolina National Guard, it was part time, so while I was in the service I attended The Citadel in Charleston South Carolina to receive my college degree in Business.

Upon graduation, I started work in Columbia but then almost immediately moved to Chicago, IL where I lived from 2012 until last September in 2019. Now I live in sunny Florida, but fortunately I still get to go back to Chicago often enough for work and usually try and plan it so I go back when it's nice and warm!

I'm currently working remote these days and enjoying all the time I can with my little toddler. I am very fortunate in life and excited to make my first introduction post...


This is an excellent intro post. Glad you are apart of the #hive community. Looking forward to more content. Following

Thanks! I've really been part of the community for quite some time, but hope this does help to ignite my presence among everyone further!

Looking forward to future engagement then my newest Hive friend!

Best introduction post ever! Nice to meet you, Andrew, Owen, and of course Harvey! 😃

Thank you! Glad you took time to get to know me a bit, hope to see you around more!

Great story and a personal touch!
The liitle ones are the best!

Thanks man, yes they are! It's actually kind of amazing how almost your whole perspective on life changes when you have a child. Pre-father, covid would not have been a concerned, it's not as much now but at first I was freaking out!

Nice introduction post my friend, we are looking forward for your goals and achievements in life..

God bless you and to your entire family.

Amazing! Gentleman! You know a lot and you are so experienced in different subjects! Happy to know this!

Nice introduction, happy to know you Andrew.
I will ask you some tips about Harmonica :)

This is the best introducing post that I've ever seeen. By the way we have a lot in common.I hope оne day I will have a son like yours! He is very cute :)

Thanks man! That's awesome too. Look forward to chatting with you more. I'm very lucky to have such an great boy, he's my little buddy!