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So here is another question that I feel your view here will make a lot of sense.

Stress is one of the factor that causes aging or makes one age faster. we'll discuss this in detail my article.

At times it is believed that men don't live long because of the hectic activites they engage in.

Some people are also of the opinion that men are more active than ladies and as such this increased activity wears out the cells of their body faster hence making them age fast.

it is also believed that men engage more in very dangerous activities as well as take high risks that can terminate their life.

Ladies on the other hand are believed to be less active than men and they are more careful about activities they get involved in.

This reduced activity in women ensures that the cells of the body doesn't die off on time thus prolonging the cell lives which consequently makes them live longer.

How true is this, do women live longer than men? If yes , any reason??.