The most popular DeFi dapps right now based on active wallets, TVL and the price of the native tokens.

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DappRadar has prepared the September 2020 DeFi Flash Report. Within this overview we will have a look at the most popular DeFi dapps right now based on active wallets, total value locked and the price of the native tokens. MakerDAO, Aave, and Curve.

Key Takeaways

  • MakerDAO regains a leadership position in total value locked by surpassing $1.5 billion.
  • MakerDAO is responsible for 21% of the total value generated in the DeFi space right now.
  • Aave is right behind MakerDAO with $1.35 billion in TVL with active wallets growing by 25% in September.
  • Aave is the number one lending protocol in DeFi right now.
  • Aave’s LEND token value has increased by 952% in three months.
  • While daily wallets on Curve skyrocketed recently from 102 to 1,235 within 3 months, the dapp lost its share in value. TVL is close to $1 billion now.

DeFi is still the most important category on Ethereum

As already reported, the DeFi category generated $24 billion of transaction volume in August 2020. The total value locked surpassed the $7 billion line and active users are higher than 19,000.

Recently the top three dapps leaderboard was fluctuating a lot. Aave and Curve just surpassed $1 billion in total value locked back in August while MakerDAO held more than $1 billion in value for a while now.

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