On The Spot Reward Summary, Week 47

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What's the good word, D.Buzz fam!

We are always on the lookout for new places to visit, new dishes to try, and new pieces of art to see. In fact, some of our favorite pastimes are traveling, eating, and looking at art. There are so many different places these days that offer both wonderful food and incredible scenery to admire. While we can't travel to them physically, we can through the magic of the Internet.

This week, constant curators such as @progressivechef presented us with a slice of paradise through flowery photos. Along with them, @madame.fondue captured an amazing roadside flowering that looks like it's from the botanical garden.

Along with these botanical photographers, @sally-notbright tries their luck at forging berries, with great success we think. In addition, @drunksamurai discovered some great new hot sauce from Moscow! WOW!

The world is a big place however. @projectmama shared with us a way to see their city with electric scooters. At the same time, @fifay shared her city as well.

On the topic of artwork, we had some amazing artists present their work on our platform this week. @luueetang built a Lego bear that is fantastic. @jadeaca delicately painted a flamingo upon a rock, quite literally. @sayalu shared a technique and art painted with sand on a canvas. Lastly, @ambrosechappel shared an out-of-this-world, on-chain piece of artwork they made. All these artists are super impressive.

Thank you everyone for sharing your posts this week.

As always, enjoy your weekend!

The man who made art cool himself, Bob Ross!

Week #47 (Starting | 09/10/2021)

Congratulations to all of you - your content and imagery inspires us to post more.
Keep being amazing!

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Thank you. That's a great idea for posting art and other talents on Dbuzz. I will keep posting and do what I love. Thank you for your idea and have a great day! :)

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