HiIVETwitter 2020 Animated version

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Hi guys!

As happened in last HIVETwitter graphic (v3.0) I invited again @aleister and his HUGE patience lol to animate HIVETwitter 2020 using Photoshop time line.

Don't forget... There are 1500 layers of profile images plus text and logos layers inside Photoshop project file.

Shout-out to @aleister and his Photoshop skills and patience and 100% of this post rewards goes to him!

Here is the result

Due the upload limits this is a low resolution gif, I will upload in Twitter a full resolution video version, be free to use both.

Thanks for following me and support my artwork!

Be Hive Be Happy!

Join The Revolution!

#HiveTwitter 💪


I love this. I have managed to spot myself.

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Thank you :)

I'd seen it on the original image :)


Anyway... Eagle eyes lol ;)

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Looks amazing 😉

Really cool 😎

Thank you buddy :)

My pleasure, bro! 👍

wow that looks so cool!!!

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