Hive HD Wallpapers

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Hi Hivers!

Today I've used Glitch Lab App for Android and made 3 HD Wallpapers for Hive.

If you don't know Glitch Lab App try it ;) it have a lot of distortion tools and with imagination we can do cool things.

After use Glitch Lab I opened the images in PicsArt App also for Android to overlay hive logo because I just want the distortion in the background.

Here is the Hive Wallpapers.
Size is optimal to use as desktop wallpaper.




Thanks for following me and support my artwork!

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Cool! I have some to share too. They were made with Blender. I'll post them in a blog later.

I will be in touch to see them ;)

You can check it out now. I've just posted it a while ago. :)

This is cool. Weldone

Thank you! :)