HiveTwitter 4.0 is coming

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Alright guys!

Yes, for now is empty but please read till the end 😉

First of all I want to thank @hiro-hive that help me in this tough job of collect all pic form Hive users in Twitter!

@hiro-hive gave me a spreadsheet with the list of all accounts that used hive hastags in Twitter in last week with a link to all Twitter profile picture of that accounts.

Now the funny part...

In times (long time ago) I was a developer (assembler and c++, pointer to pointer lol) but for various reasons that doesn't matter I quit coding and made a promise to myself that never touch in code again.

Today I opened the spreadsheet from @hiro-hive and thought, "now what I will do with this list of more than 1200 rows with url link to a profile picture?"

  • First solution was download one by one and next month I have all pics 😂😂😂

  • Second solution VBA for Excel! 😲😌

And I broke my promise...!

Sem Título2.png

But magic happened, 1291 images downloaded in 20 seconds!

Sem Título.png

Next Step

Place all images inside a Photoshop project, bla, bla, bla and..

HiveTwitter 4.0 is coming guys!


Thanks for following me!

Be Hive Be Happy! 😁

Join The Revolution!

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Superb. If this is the result of a broken promise ... I am going to break a lot of promises now ... LOL

Great work.

Wish you a safe day ahead.

😁 thank you

Increíble tu trabajo, te felicito

Gracias :)

Man, this is awesome, smart and incredible.

Thanks ;)

You are awesome.

Thanks buddy, I just like to play with graphics, no big deal ;)

You could probably figure out a way to use ImageMagick code to generate the big collage. But I’m not sure how to feed that into photoshop. You’d probably have to slice up the collage into smaller units to align things around the logos.

Don't know imagemagick but will check, thanks ;)
For this I will use Photoshop automation and scripts to fit and align all pics and then add text and logos and do some arrangement to take pics out of text and logo area ;)
Everything is one separeted layer

Oh awesome, I didn’t know Photoshop has scripting!

What a cool task to undertake! I’m glad you got it down with automation to make the process smoother and hope to make the list next time! 😁

It’s awesome what you guys in the community are doing to connect hive and other socials to be a more fluid experience for onboarding!

Thank you :)

Excited for HIVETwitter 4.0

Please make sure you include all the people and Projects from the HIVETwitter list

just 20 seconds
and good work HIVE TEAM

Thanks :)

Excited to see the final results of our work. Keep doing the good job man, the #HiveTwitter Family loves your works

Thank you so much buddy! :)

So freakin' awesome! I would've done the same thing, automating the process. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

Thank you :)

Wow... this is awesome.

Btw.. this means there is a Twitter list out there with 1200+ Hive members on Twitter 👀

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