Mental (noooo not metal)


Listened already a few times the entire 4+ hours set recording

Wow, those were the times :)

I finished listening to this and now I am with this one, responding to comments on different posts while this music is on. How it is possible? How someone has ideas to create such music? Is it music or beyond it? Well, architects for sure. Dreams, effects, life, feelings, sounds, movements, art, impressions, endless music architects!

I remember, you shared Peter Van Hoesen here but I have chosen Lonoche to respond to. Well, in April I gave my reaction to Peter and that track in the comment section, though I am now more blown away with this combination with Cio D'or musiccreateur queen 😎

It's a genre in techno that is don't easy to make what Cio and Peter van Hoesen do. Sure lots of artists are in this style/genre, but much of it sounds not inspiring, or bluntly stated: boring when listening longer than 10 to 15 minutes. The minimal side of techno, is as old as techno is, from early 80s last century. IN different shapes and forms though, faster, slower in pace, different sounds over the years, different hardware machines or software plugins.

You showed just great examples until now, I don't know what are the boring examples, but you can continue to spread the vibes of the great ones! As already seen, Cio got my full attention, still, I need to (want to) listen to her more ;)

Owwww sooo many boring ones around! But I don't intend to share those, so you'll not be exposed to them, fortunately {LOL}

Saved I am from boring stuff then!! 👌

I'll try my best 😉

Thank you!

Does it sound like a tipical thank you response? 😂

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