tweeting until I drop :)

I think the gods heard my silent cry, my hope! Just discovered Pantha Du Prince session is rescheduled for the end of the month! Need to do with their digital recordings - coming weeks - still, but I'll not have to miss out on the real deal!

What happened in the end? The rescheduled session was held and you recovered until then from your cold? Or that corona bucket of beer fell on you while taking the photo? :D
Dizziness guaranteed?

Btw, as I mentioned to you in another line, Panta Du Prince and this album became one of the most listened to albums by me, right after Heiko Laux's Fernweh.
They are all saved in my playlist and I am giving them listening sessions, very often :))

So, I need to go back to Q-sounds' feed, maybe Edje's feed too, and 🙇‍♀ for more discoveries. Thanks, will serve myself :D

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