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RE: Our Cover of Coldplay's In My Place (Cover by Davood Faramarzi & Amir Poorhafezi)

in GEMS4 months ago

WOW, I think you both created something pretty good! Amazing you embarked on this project with so many things that are not helping (the distance, the video skills and all). For sure, a cool result, you both can be proud of yourselves!

Wish you (and Amir) some great days ahead of you!


Thank you my friend, we are glad about it, I am also happy to read your kind feedback man :) \m/ we wish you the bests too.

You're very welcome. Not too many users in our community will go this extra lenght to create something. In that respect your work already stand out, at least to me. I do hope you get more rewards on this post, since it deserves it.

Thanks man, we really work hard on these projects and I hope we can grow in this path. it is your kindness man :)