At peace with nature is always the best option

in GEMS10 days ago

I just don't know how but his stories never adds up to my liking, the buzzes keeps coming but still I just don't know why am not at peace with myself. Some thing you do that may trigger danger another day, always makes things so uneasy for people around you. So those things are better left off than climbing it up to the skies. And as they say it is always to to fall at the lower level of your ladder than the highest.


For the damage that comes at the peak of the ladder is more dangerous than the pain that one may feel from the lower level. In as much as life has its own rules, it is always a good thing to also have certain rules that guides you in your way. For those that we set for ourselves make living a good one at certain stages of our lives.

The world is filled with many things that one can do and the right is there for you to choose whatever you want to do from it. The free will is always our portion but we should always remember what we choose will determine how we end up tomorrow or where we would be the next day. So we must study things very well before we choose what we want to do with our lives all the time.


The armed robber who was caught days ago and was sentenced to life imprisonment, had it so because of what he chose from the mass things nature have created for us for free. Who knows, from the start of him choosing that as what he wants, he ate whatever he wanted, bought what ever he wanted at any given point of his life

Little did he know that one day was coming where he would be put behind bars for all he has been doing. All the treasures and money he ever owned were going to be seized from him without him having nothing at all in live to show. The dream he thought of has now been of the past since he is no longer going to live them again.

The only thing for him in life now is to be caged in a wall for the rest of his life without him having to feel all those moments he ever thought of. If he has children I bet they would even try visiting him behind bars if their mom never allow them to. Life will just present us with a lot of reasons to live but the final decision rest on us to choose the best one.

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