[ENG][ESP]My presentation for HIve // Mi presentación para Hive

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My presentation // Mi presentación

Hello everyone, I am new to Hive Blog, but I come with all the enthusiasm to start bringing my content to the platform.
Hola a todos, soy nuevo en Hive blog, pero vengo con todo el entusiasmo para comenzar a traer mi contenido a la plataforma.
Let's start by telling you about me, my name is Gianpiero Zecchetti Chienuy, I am 20 years old, and this is me:
Comencemos contándoles sobre mí, mi nombre es Gianpiero Zecchetti Chienuy, tengo 20 años, y este soy yo:


I am a student of the 6th semester of Electrical Engineering. A career that today is excellent for me, due to how fascinating electricity is, its creation, transformation and distribution is given by physical phenomena, which sometimes go unnoticed since we all have electricity in our things, we simply connect whatever to the outlet and that's it, but we don't ask ourselves how something so complex in theory can become something so simple to practice in our daily life, so many questions about the subject, made me decide to start my career, and Today, I am sure you will make the right decision.
Soy estudiante del 6to semestre de Ingeniería Eléctrica. Una carrera que a día de hoy siendo que es excelente para mí, debido lo fascinante que es la electricidad, su creación, transformación y distribución viene dado en fenómenos físicos, que a veces pasan por desapercibido ya que, todos tenemos electricidad en nuestras cosas, simplemente conectamos lo que sea al tomacorriente y listo, pero no nos preguntamos como algo tan complejo en la teoría puede convertirse en algo tan sencillo a la practica en nuestra vida diaria, tantas preguntas acerca del tema, me hizo decidir comenzar la carrera, y al día de hoy, estoy seguro que tome la decisión correcta.

I am from Venezuela, although I have an Italian father and a Polish mother (from Poland), who, like any young man in this country, has had to dedicate himself to working from an early age, in family businesses, years ago a Delicatessen, and today today, a barber shop, where I have worked as a manager. That, together with the university load, is a very strong day-to-day routine but with luck I have been able to carry on normally for a long time. On the other hand, from time to time I do software repairs on Android devices (smartphones and tablets) and repairs of computers with Windows operating system.
Soy de Venezuela, aunque de padre italiano y de madre polaca (de Polonia), que, como cualquier joven de este país, ha tenido que dedicarse a trabajar desde temprana edad, en los negocios de la familia, años atrás un Charcutería, y hoy en día, una barbería, en las que he ejercido como encargado. Que, junto con la carga universitaria, es una rutina muy fuerte día a día pero que con suerte he podido llevar con normalidad desde hace tiempo. Por otro lado, de vez en cuando hago reparaciones de software en dispositivos Android (teléfonos inteligentes y tablets) y reparaciones de computadoras con sistema operativo Windows.

I am a big fan of series and movies, I love anime, although I do not consider otaku, since so many things come in as soon as I have time to see them. My favorite genres are action, drama, mystery and fantasy, although I am open and I enjoy any genre that comes my way.
Soy gran fan de series y películas, me encanta el anime, aunque no considero otaku, ya que entra tantas cosas apenas tengo tiempo de verlos. Mis géneros favoritos son acción, drama, misterio y fantasía, aunque soy abierto y disfruto de cualquier género que se me ponga en frente.

For many years of my life I was a gamer, especially with my PlayStation 2 and later PlayStation, which, although I was always more a lover of sports games, soccer, especially, I had the privilege of playing sagas like Uncharted, Assasin´ s Creed, God of War, among many others. But I have been away from that world for a long time due to my occupations and the bad luck that my console was damaged, however, I often enjoy games at my friends' house.
Durante muchos años de mi vida fui gamer, sobre todo con mi PlayStation 2 y posteriormente PlayStation, que, aunque siempre fue más amante de los juegos de deporte, futbol, sobre todo, tuve el privilegio de jugar sagas como la de Uncharted, Assasin´s Creed, God of War, entre muchas otras. Pero llevo tiempo alejado de ese mundo debido a mis ocupaciones y la mala suerte de que mi consola se dañara, sin embargo, frecuentemente disfruto de partidas en casa de mis amigos.

Okay, now let's go with my hobbies.

Vale, ahora vamos con mis pasatiempos.

Mainly, more than a hobby I would say that it is a form of expression, music, I have been a guitarist for years, it is my preferred instrument, although over time I want to open my knowledge to other instruments in order to become a more complete musician.
Principalmente, más que un pasatiempo diría que es una forma de expresión, la música, soy guitarrista desde hace años, es mi instrumento preferido, aunque con el paso del tiempo quiero abrir mis conocimientos hacia otros instrumentos para así convertirme en un músico más completo.


Another of my hobbies, are the Rubik's cubes, everyone knows the magic cube, as it is also called, but not only does the typical 3x3 cube exist, there are millions of models, with other shapes, sizes and of course with a different challenge than time to solve them. Here I will leave you a photo of my humble collection.
Otro de mis pasatiempos, son los cubos de Rubik, todos conocen el cubo mágico, como es llamado también, pero no solo existe el típico cubo 3x3, existen millones de modelos, con otras formas, tamaños y por supuesto con un reto distinto a la hora de resolverlos. Aquí les dejaré una foto de mi humilde colección.


They already know a little more about me, and I hope they know more through the next post that I will publish, since these will be on very varied topics.
Ya conocen un poco más de mí, y espero que conozcan más a través de los próximos post que publicaré, ya que estos serán de temas muy variados.

Thank you very much for reading, greetings to the whole community of gems I hope I have been to your liking, see you another time.

Muchas gracias por leer, saludos a toda la comunidad de gems espero haya sido de su agrado, nos vemos en otra ocasión.


Welcome to the Hive community @gianpiero29!
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

Eight suggestions to consider:

  1. Guard your passwords carefully, and only publish with the posting key,
  2. Use your active key only for wallet transactions, keychain and hivelock,
  3. The master password is only used to reset compromised passwords,
  4. DO NOT lose your passwords; copy and store offline,
  5. Do not publish other people's work, be it photos or written, without credit, and
    be sure to source all of your work, even if it is your own
  6. An introduceyourself tag is used only once , and
  7. Do Not open any links in memos or comments that you do not know who they belong to. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is, so the old saying goes. There is nothing free here.

I found you because @brittandjosie and @jamerussell from @heyhaveyamet presented and promoted your publication to get more exposure and help you grow faster.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and need some guidance, or if you have any questions, there are informed Hivians available who can help you; you can click to go to The Terminal in Discord here:

Have fun and happy Hiving!

Goodday and Welcome to this community

YESS You are a new hive’er now!
I saw your #introduceyourself and its nice to meet you. We haven’t met before but that changes right now. Don’t let all the replies and bots scare you. We are nice and but a new platform but with bloggers who know the ropes. Just comment if you get scared and i Will help out.
Blogging, building and uplifting eachother is what Hive is and what its all about on this blockchain. The best part is that you could earn money to.
I love blogging, But always be carefull with all your passwords, Never give those up !!
I use Peakd to post to Hive. But hive.blog is an option too.
Good luck with with hive experience and I Will See you around and may you find here what you are looking for. Just remember that all good things come in good time and never giving up is THE key to big succes on the Blockchain. Also you could join the the Terminal discord. Or visit @heyhaveyamet for more new arrivals, newbies exposure in the beginning very important.
Let me know if this was helpfull or if you need more help, see you in Discord
the Terminal. Here is the invite its free,
Greeting from the Netherlands
@ Brittandjosie

Great! Thank you so much for the welcome, I really hope so.

Are you the 6 fingered man?

Welcome gianpiero29!
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