Diamond league Splinterlands rewards

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Hi Steemit Friends

I was surprised I was able to get into the Diamond league as I wasn't trying hard this season. Either too tired or just don't want to be in front of the computer. A part of this is due to the change of rewards that have demotivated me a little. I have been getting way too many potions and not the other rewards. A break is good and I am glad I was able to be in this league this season.

I was a bit disappointed with the result but beggars can't be choosers. I got to this league so I will be grateful for the rewards received. Here they are below. I missed 5 chests when taking the screenshots but nothing special there missed.








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@japanguide, In my opinion Supply Of Cards are limited that's why new Reward System arrived. In my opinion Splinterlands 👾 Game is evolving and may be today rewards are reflecting as ineffective but who knows tomorrow it will surprise you in a good way. Stay blessed.

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