Great News! Binance to list Hive! Hive to the MOOONNNNN!!!

in GEMS3 years ago

Hi Hive Friends,

After this cray cray of 3 days, we would be in for another ride. I was going through my twitter feed and found out that Binance will be listing Hive! Think about the effect we have had since listing on Huobi, now we are going on Binance.

One of the biggest exchange is listing us. We are currently ranking 33 on CMC without Binance, think about what will happen to Hive when it gets listed in under 2 days.


This is on their site announcement. What are we going to expect? What your predictions? Steem (the other side) has gone up 40% after our fun these few days. Will we see some EXTRA fun here on Hive? Let's Party!!!!