Testing the Splinterland tournaments

in GEMS3 years ago

Hi Hive Friends,

Recently I have discovered the any time tournaments run by Splinterlands. My work schedule is all over the place and some days there is no set time to play. I remember I don’t play tournaments because of this reason but now the new format suits my lifestyle. Like today, I have joined one to only realise there is only 7 hours left. Not to fear, there is still time. I don’t feel the pressure to finish the tournament then and there. The best part is I can play any time.


I noticed many tournaments require a 10 DEC entry fee which I support. There are too many bots so enforcing this entry fee may have an effect to keep the bots away. I haven’t observed enough but maybe that is not the case with over 400 players registered for this tournament. The prizes could be a hit or miss with this particular tournament giving out 7000DEC for those coming in 1-4th place. Not too bad if you come up on top. Hope the cards that I have invested in this game could bring in some rewards. If you have confidence, join a tournament and give it a go. I will be sure to try more and get the hang out it before going into the high league tournaments.




Tournaments are great and I've won a couple of them already. Thanks for sharing!

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