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Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to my another splinterlands blog. Hope all of you are having a wonderful day.
My days have been going well for quite some time. Because after spending about a week in the village, I just returned home yesterday.

Yesterday, after I entered to the game, I found out that the daily quest is going on in "Life Monsters". So I decided to fight with my "Life Monsters".

Most of the time when I fought any battle using "Life Monsters", My first choice is "SHIELDBEARER". In this battle my level 1 "SHIELDBEARER" was like an Impenetrable.

  • In this post I am going to share this battle with you. You can watch the battle direct from splinterlands official website from the link I have given below.
    Link Of The Match

About The Match:

  • For this match mana cap was 26.
  • And played with the "Standard" rule.

Screenshot (1731).png

I was using my RARE Life Summoner "MOTHER KHALA" along with "SHIELDBEARER" in level 1, "DEFENDER OF TRUTH" in level 1, "CAVE SLUG" in level 1, "MANTOID" in level 1.

Now Let Me Tell You About The Monsters I have Used In The Battle.


At nearly eighty years old, Mother Khala is the oldest practicing summoner of Khymeria. Khala always wears a smile, and even in tournament battle she hums and whistles happy tunes to herself. She wears heavy knit clothing of various bright colors and carries a hand carved staff that seems to be the source of many of her magical powers.Source

It cost 03 mana cap and has the ability to increase +1 Health of every friendly monsters.


"SHIELDBEARER" is a RARE Life Monster which has the "Taunt" ability. At level 1, this monster comes with,

2 Melee attack,
2 Speed,
9 Health and 4 Armor
with "Taunt" ability.

With the "Taunt" ability, the "SHIELDBEARER" become a very good shield. Because of this ability, all the enemy monsters targets this monsters(if they are able to). So the rest of monsters stay safe. Also the 4 Armor and 9 Health can take a lot of damage.

It cost only 09 mana to use in a battle.


"SDEFENDER OF TRUTH" is a EPIC Life Monster which has no ability. At level 1, this monster comes with,

1 Magic attack,
3 Speed,
3 Health and 1 Armor.

Just yesterday, I bought this card from the splinterlands market. It cost me a lot yet I bought this card because of the weekly battle challenge.

It cost only 04 mana to use in a battle.

NO 3: CAVE SLUG(COMMON Life Monster)

My "CAVE SLUG" is a COMMON Life Monster which has the "OPPORTUNITY" ability. At level 1, this monster comes with,

2 Melee attack,
1 Speed,
4 Health
with "OPPORTUNITY" ability.

"OPPORTUNITY" ability makes the "CAVE SLUG" monster very useful in any battle. It can find out the low health enemy monster and hit them.

It cost only 05 mana to use in a battle.

NO 4: MANTOID(COMMON Neutral Monster)

My "MANTOID" is in level 1 with

2 Ranged attack,
2 Speed,
5 Health
with "SNIPE" ability.

"MANTOID"" is one of the most useful neutral monster with it's 2 ranged attack. as long as this monster alive you can easily take down opponent's Ranged and Magic attack monsters even if they are not in first position with it's "SNIPE" ability.

It cost only 06 mana to use in a battle.

Here Is Some ScreenShots Of The Battle:

Screenshot (1732).png

My opponent was using his/her RARE Fire Summoner "MALRIC INFERNO" which has the ability to increase +1 Melee attack to all friendly monster. My RARE Life Summoner "MOTHER KHALA" has the ability to increase +1 Health of every friendly monsters.

Screenshot (1735).png

My opponent was using total 5 Melee attack monsters in this battle. But he/she does know how to lineup them properly. As a result, my "SDEFENDER OF TRUTH" start attacking first. It is not that much damageable because it has only 1 magic attack power.

Screenshot (1737).png

Screenshot (1738).png

Opponent's 2 "Sneak" ability monsters "ELVEN CUTTHROAT" and "KOBOLD MINER" hits hard on my "SHIELDBEARER" with their Melee attack power. Though they should attack on the last monster on my line up but they didn't because of the "Taunt" ability of "SHIELDBEARER". It is fortunate that the "SHIELDBEARER" monster has 4 armor which defend it's health for long.

Screenshot (1740).png

Screenshot (1746).png

My "SHIELDBEARER"could die very soon if the hits from opponent's monster "PIT OGRE" wasn't miss. Both in round 1 and round 2, "PIT OGRE"missed it's hit. It has a high damageable Melee attack power. I think speed was the issue in this matter. "PIT OGRE" speed was lower than "SHIELDBEARER". So this could the reason "PIT OGRE" missed it's hits.

Screenshot (1742).png

Screenshot (1748).png

My another Melee attack monster "CAVE SLUG" did a very good job on the battle field. This monster with it's "Opportunity" ability, takes down two important enemy Melee attack monsters "ELVEN CUTTHROAT" and "PIT OGRE". These two monsters were quite annoying.

Screenshot (1749).png

Screenshot (1750).png

After that enemy monsters didn't get any chance to hit on my monsters. My opponent make a mistake that, using the high speed Melee attack monsters behind the low speed Melee attack monsters. As a result my low speed monsters hit first on the enemy monsters and take them down quite easily. One enemy Melee attack monster "SERPENTIME SOLDIER" tried to fight back but against 4 of my monsters, there were no chance at all.

Screenshot (1755).png

Screenshot (1756).png

The battle ended in Round 5. My "SHIELDBEARER" hit the final blow on "SERPENTIME SOLDIER" to finish it of.

Battle Result:

Screenshot (1757).png

As I won this match, I got 0.477 Dec and +36 League Rating.

That's All For Today.

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Thanks for reading the post to the end. I'll come back with another splinterlands blog again.

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It’s a nice one, dude.
Shieldbearer can be a fantastic asset on the battleground I know that.
I liked how you talked about the battle. Keep up the good work and keep on battling.


@ashikstd, thanks a lot dude. I am trying to get better in this game