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RE: More Focus on the Engagement on Hive - IamAliveChallenge#272

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Awesome video post to start off the week with an important subject that at least for myself I am working to do and that is increase engagement on the HIVE platforms. Congratulations @alokkumar121 on being chosen for the Daily Spotlight as it's an excellent choice, because it provides motivation to get those standing on the sidelines for more results. I've been consistent in my posting, but know that I have to also step up my commenting/engagement game. I think I do ok, but we can always do more. Thank you for reinforcing that sentiment. Stay Safe Alok and to your family and friends, as well.


Hello my friend
thank you so much for sharing your wonderful feedback about the topic and video. I truly understand what you are trying to say and completely agree with your opinion. we share the same interest that there should be more engagement on the platform and this way for sure we are adding more value to hive and the entire ecosystem. Thanks.

Thank you for meaningful enegement in the We Are Alive Tribe, your comment has been upvoted with ALIVE Power, #YouAreAlive

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