The Chicken Syndrome

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Before starting the subject I must clarify that in their natural habitat hens lay eggs, they are incubated and hatched, but given the nature of this animal, the same lays these with or without the fertilization of the rooster, the latter are those that are distributed commercially and will never become chicks and that is the point I want to talk about.

With the help of food and chemicals these birds have been given the function of laying and are exploited for the same, skipping the natural cycle, and there are people who seem to have the same purpose in life, these I have baptized as having the "Chicken Syndrome".

Although it may seem strange, this disease is more common than people think, since it can be said that it is suffered by more than 50% of the population.

On what basis do I base this statement?

You may have heard of this type of partnership:

I put up the money and you put up the labor.

I provide the products and you sell them.

Just to name two, and I know that many are thinking that this is called cooperation or mutual aid, which in some cases could be true, as long as the one who "puts" is also involved in some way in what will generate benefits for him.

Unfortunately that is the basis of almost everything; that "chicken" is called an investor and he has little interest in the way his business uses any method to produce profits.

This is a long topic to discuss, so I will skip to the most peculiar one, which does not include financial "investment", but which has ego as a partner and which is undoubtedly the "poorest" derivative of the first one.

In it we can point out an endless number of daily actions in which people incur, which in my dialect we call "alive" and it is a contradiction in terms, since they are the least existential of all.

Those who practice the "law of the funnel" where the wide is for them and the narrow for others or those who believe they deserve the vassalage of others.

They are the ones who put in but don't work because they believe others will do it for them.

In the cyber world they abound and in modern social networks they multiply daily, like a plague that seems to turn into a virus and lead a pandemic.

They are those who do not greet, do not practice reciprocity, much less cooperation, and if they participate anywhere, they are the swans who cannot be contradicted because their opinion is protected by the most absolute truth.

If they do not get a chorus to the above, they practice intransigence and withdraw with laughable allegations.

Those who place their products, writings, arts or anything else to be valued, without having the slightest obligation to do the same for those who do so.

We all have friends like this, it is impossible not to have them since they are many and whether we like it or not they are present and sometimes we do not even realize that they suffer from this syndrome, since some have mimicked using the magic word "please" to camouflage their true personality.

It is common:

"Please sell me that I have an emergency and I don't have time."

"Stop by X page and give me likes to a post I made".

"I put the money and you buy the cassava and sell it and I give you X amount of money per kilo".

"I'll put some things I have at home so you can "do me a favor" and sell them to me in your business".

"Although I am not going to be extremist about the intentions behind many actions, we must be alert so that we do not suffer from this syndrome and so that those who have it do not abuse our good faith.


Greetings @ joseph1956
I had not really heard of this syndrome, but I have identified many of the cases you mention, it is very common the appearance of the chicken syndrome or the exploitation of man by man I would add, it has always been thought that whoever places the capital gets more profit, not giving the importance to effort, sacrifice and dedication of work, however it is a topic of much fabric to cut.

Thank you very much for sharing your post.