OBS Livestreams are getting FREE Syndication 👀

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BLAST your Streams out to the Fediverse!

Does your Hosting Provider provide P2P Streams and BLAST your content to the Fediverse network?

If not, consider CastGarden where hosting is totally free for Hive users and you get automated syndication to thousands of new viewers/listeners.

Streaming with OBS is extremely easy

  1. Go to CastGarden and login with your peertube user account
  2. Click the “Publish” button at the top of the screen
  3. Click the “Go live” tab
  4. Click the “Normal live” radio button
  5. Click the “Go Live” button at the bottom
  6. On the next screen fill in:
    a. “Basic info” about your livestream
    b. In “Advanced settings” upload the thumbnail image for your video and which Hive Community you would like it posted into.
    c. In “Live settings” copy the “Live RTMP Url” and the “Live stream key” into your OBS streaming software settings...
  7. Click the Update button at the bottom once all your stream settings are completed, and then send the link to your friends so they know you are about to go live!
  8. /////////////////////////////////////
  9. Open OBS on your mobile device or pc
  10. Make sure you have at least your 2 “Sources” configured, typically “Audio Input Capture” and “Video Capture Device” (typically, your microphone and webcam).
  11. In OBS click “Settings” and then click “Stream”
  12. From the “Stream” menu..
    a. Service = “Custom…”
    b. Server = “rtmp://Cast.Garden:1935/live”
    c. Stream Key = “Live stream key” - Note: Every time you start a new Livestream on CastGarden you will get a new stream key, so be sure to copy the new key into your OBS settings each time. You can also just restart streams if you prefer, keeping the same key.
  13. In OBS, click on “Start Streaming”

Syndication is everything 📡

If you take the time to do Livestreams, at the very least your hosting provider should blast your streams out to thousands of new viewers/listeners on Hive, plus RSS feeds, plus the Fediverse network where thousands of additional hosting sites will syndicate your streams out even further.

We're bringing back RSS in a HUGE way

Walled Gardens like Spotify, Netflix, Youtube and Apple Podcasts suck. Once you start getting syndicated, a whole new crowd of people will be able to discover your streams! RSS, Hive and the Fediverse networks are the only way to achieve that and those web2 walled gardens will never give that level of service to you.

Distributed Interoperability ♻️

The next phase of this is to get your streams onto as many devices, platforms and TV's as possible. This is why HiveCast was born. Now we just need to FOSS it and Launch it! So if you haven't had a look over our DHF Proposal #274 yet, please do...

👉 Peakd: https://peakd.com/me/proposals/274
👉 Ecency: https://ecency.com/proposals/274
👉 Hive blog: https://wallet.hive.blog/proposals
👉 Hivesigner: Click here or here

Let's FOSS it and Launch it! 💪


Love to see the hardwork being put in paying off here with Hive-Tube growth. I think if the average video consumer on YouTube or podcast listener on Spotify realized they could directly support their favorite creators through Cast.Garden, there would be an overnight exodus

Thanks, shared with our streamers 👍
(weekly Tournament every Saturday at 3 and 9 pm EST)

Thank you so much! 💪🤠
Let's get Proposal #274 the support it needs so we can launch this bad boy!

Checking it out


This is good to know.
We check it out and see how it can work out. Thank you for sharing.

Will explore this soon.

Thank you guruvaj! :)

Thank you and just let me know if you need any help with it :)