The Play2Earn Report - January 2024

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With the holidays finally behind us for now, it's time to get back to the Play2Earn report and take a look at how everything went since last month. I've been pretty busy with real life for the last few weeks so I've missed some posts I wanted to make and overall was less active in a lot of my blockchain activates than I intended to. That said, shortly after Christmas I did decide to reduce my involvement with a lot of communities, especially in Discord. To be frank, I'm just growing tired of the endless discussions going on.

There are a lot of very opinionated people that are also very poorly informed at the same time. In the past, I would get into these discussions, trying to explain stuff but honestly, this is just a waste of time as people either aren't able to comprehend or just argue for the sake of it and both is just not worth my time. So moving forward, I'll still write some articles when I feel like it and I obviously won't leave my Discords. But other than that, my involvement will be reduced greatly for the foreseeable future.


With that out of the way, let's look at what happened since last month:

TokenAmountDollar Value per UnitTotal Dollar ValueChange

Now look at that, recovering markets are fun, aren't they? Especially thanks to Splinterlands, this has been a really good month for me. The Prime emission for the month seemingly hasn't happened yet, so there should be more Prime coming my way in a day or two also. Overall, these are very solid numbers and considering we still have a lot of ground to cover before we'll go into full bull mode - this is really looking promising.

Up next, I'll give you a status update for each of the projects I track above:


I've had a pretty good month in Splinterlands, even ignoring the pump in token price. I've maxed out all the most important Rebellion cards and have all the rest a level or two below max level. I was initially planning to max out the whole set right away, but with Rebellion cards in high demand this didn't really make sense and I'm now playing it slowly. If and when the Rebellion market cools down a bit I'll max out everything I don't have. Nevertheless, the Rebellion cards have been a big boon to me and with many people not owning maxed cards so far, I've won quite some matches simply because I had the better cards. I've also managed to play in one Rebellion only tournament and well, that went rather good for me:


I know it's labeled as a beginner tournament, but frankly, having a beginner tournament at Diamond level makes zero sense in the first place and there's no other Rebellion only tournament I get to play in at Champion level so I really don't care.

I've also been selling a lot of grain in daily OTC deals through Discord which really has been a lot of fun. I've sold grain to dozens of people that I wasn't even aware of playing the game. Many of them only owning one or a couple of plots scattered around different regions. As I expected, grain is slowly tanking and will continue to do so. Anybody expecting it to recover any time before Land 2.0 is probably in for a bit of disappointment.

With the money I've been making with my grain deals I've been bringing more and more plots online. I now have 48 plots up and running with another 25 plots currently being cleared. My goal is still to get as many plots ready as possible before Land 2.0 hits us but that's still quite some time away and I'm not too worried if a lot or all of my common natural plots sit idle for now.

Genesis League Goals

So the game finally went live and is paying out rewards. There also have been several updates made already with more stuff on the way. It's cool to see some progress there and I'm still confident that Aggy and the team will manage to turn things around. That said, I'm not impressed with how things are going right now. The DAO voted to have a last chance sale running for 14 days and both Aggy and Chiclet were very adamant about the importance of making that change. As it turns out, there was zero intention to actually try and sell any of the packs, this whole thing just gave packs to both the DAO and the team with the rest being burned in a couple of weeks.


The gameplay itself hasn't evolved as of yet, they just changed how mechanics are working in the background and how chances are calculated. I do enjoy playing a game occasionally but with it being completely random I usually get bored pretty fast after a game or two. There's been whispers about the first Invenium game for Arcade Colony being revealed some time this month, so maybe this will start to get things going again - we'll see.


Overall, I'mve pretty pleased with my progress in Parallel. Most of the days, I was able to play at least some games with almost half of the month even being able to score the maximum of 5 wins that receive payouts per day. The token has also been going really strong and overall, I'm still very very bullish for this whole ecosystem.

That said, they are having the same issues that so many other crypto projects suffer from - they just don't get their shit together with random issues. I've been trying to mint some of the cosmetics I've earned through the battle pass for three weeks now. But not only did it not work, the support request I've send never got an answer at all. There are other people in the Discord as well and they just don't seem to care about it at all. Because of that, I'm no longer going to buy the Battle Pass and instead will just extract my daily share of their tokens. I still think that Prime is an easy $100 token during the bull so that's still well worth my time.

So as you may have been able to read between the lines, I'm a bit salty overall right now. There's progress, things are looking up, but I'm just a bit annoyed with people at the moment. Things are hopefully going to feel better soon as I'll continue to work through some of my old projects and look for new promising projects at the same time.

And that's all from me for today. Thank you all for reading and see you next time!


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