Local Grower's Homesteading & Gardening Update | Week #7

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So much growth!

The weather has been lovely recently and we've had the sun shining to overcome all of the rain from last week and as a result we are starting to see some decent harvest from our vegetables! We are now able to pick the vegetables from the garden and prepare them for our plates! It's quite satisfying to eat some of the veggies that I grew from seed and have made it all the way onto our plates!

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Ripe and ready to go!

The tomatoes have gone crazy and as you can see in the top picture, there are tonnes of little green ones and now there are some red ones growing too! We have the privilege of being able to eat them now! The difference between these home-grown vegetables and ones from the supermarket is uncanny. The biggest difference for me is how much softer, chewable and digestible these tomatoes are! There is variety and depth to the flavour too, words almost can't describe the difference. Or maybe then can, maybe more 'earthy' is the word I'm looking for!



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Left-overs Galore!

Being able to grow my own food has allowed me to be much more resourceful and appreciative of what I am eating.The process as a whole is quite time intensive, so I've become a lot more aware of my wastage. So what I did was I took some leftovers of food, apples and tomatoes in this case, and planted them to see what happens! Here are the results below! In the first picture, I planted 3 apple seeds, from an apple that I ate, and in the below picture are 5 or 6 tomatoes too that have grown from seed! Crazy! I have my tiny apple tree here and then I have my mature 2m ones just outside!



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Reaping the rewards!

On this table there are a lot of varieties of salads which I have been tucking into recently! They are getting big enough, and we are getting hungry enough, so that it is time to eat them with our dinners! Again, the same rings true as before, there is such a noticeable difference in home grown food than in supermarket bought food. It feels like the supermarket food is just food too fill a hunger as opposed to a tasty and more nourishing food.



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Veggies, Veggies, Veggies

Here are some of my courgettes and they are much more petite than ones in the supermarket but there are so many of them that they make up for it! These are great additions to salads or they can be used as carb replacements. Mum has created some really nice 'courgetti' or courgette spaghetti. (Just use a 'spiraliser' and you'll see what I mean!)



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'Wonky' Range

What you might see in some of the supermarkets in the UK is a 'wonky' variety of vegetables. This is simply a PC way of saying ugly. What the supermarkets are doing is packaging up these 'wonky' vegetables and selling them at a cheaper price. But what you will come to realise is that most of the vegetables you grow are far from perfect and pretty much all of them are 'wonky'. But that doesn't matter. It's not about the appearance on the outside and the superficial feel to a supermarket vegetable but a rich, deep and nourishing vegetable that you can grow from your own home!


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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you very much again for taking the time to read this update of mine. I've really enjoyed taking up this new hobby of homesteading during the corona virus and I have also enjoyed documenting this on the local grower blog! Please feel free to upvote, comment and share. This really encourages me and really helps financially! As I mentioned before, I have been working behind the scenes too at creating the GROW token and I have been successful in doing that! It was something that crossed my mind and it has been so exciting to actually have done it now! I have thought long and hard about the GROW token and it's utility and quite frankly just what to do with it! This goes a really long way in support me so thank you very much! Special thanks to @gems, @darthknight, @trafalgar, @ocd, @ocdb, @qurator and @therealwolf for your generous upvotes!

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