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Hey there. SPS validator licence selling is going on and i am not able to buy it because i am not a whale. Well this is not small thing, it is the biggest thing and it will create more decentralized and secure environment in splinterlands. Decentralization is the true meaning of crypto currency and blockchain so that's why this update play major role here. Node licence price is 3000$ USD and you have to pay in sps and voucher.

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185300304_441507187470261_6630906744872723300_n-removebg-preview.pngHi I am lucky ali from gujarat, india. I am crypto enthusiast, blogger, SEO and web developer. I always interested to learn new things and getting new experience. You can find me on hive, twitter and discord (Lucky Ali#6343). Sharing is caring, Thank you my hive family ♥

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I am already in india united community. I will try to add this tag from the next time. thank you for your suggestion. Well i have shared post in india united community but i was not got any support but i will try to add tag from my next post.

What's your discord name? I will guide u more on discord to get verified in IU and access to post promotion channel

thanks again buddy

Lucky Ali#6343

Happy to help :)


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