My Challenge, draw you favorite hero - The Flash. originally made by @maam.sammy

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Hello Hive Community!

Sammy here again, and I am so excited to share my fresh drawing of the Flash.

If you don't know, I made this challenge on my own and if you like to participate, just incude the tag #myfavoritehero on your post. You can draw any hero that you love. It can be on comics, on animes, drama, or even in your personal life.

I was shocked with the upvotes I received on my first drawing. And I am so thankful with that. It gave me more motivation to continue learning the art of drawing. And soon if I have more time, I'll explore other visual type of art.

I drew Deadpool on my previous post, one of my favorite annoying funny hero. For this new post, I'll be showing you how I made the Flash. Who doesn't want speedy superheroes right? ^^

The photos below shows the process of my drawing. I used for this drawing. The application has limited tools to use so If you have other recommendations for other tools or applications that I can use, please put them on the comment below. I will be happy to try them.


In contrast with my previous drawing, I think I made some changes and new style with this. I learned that you can do tracing on your favorite pictures to get the outline you want. I don't have a stylus or that pen you use to draw on computer's screen. I just have a mouse and a steady hand. ^^



It is not as perfect as the reference photo but I think I did well to have clean outline. But I must admit I have to work more on emotions of the image and the right colors to apply.



Reference image from this site

I hope you like it. If you do, please do give some upvotes and follow me. ^^

Happily Yours,


Lovely drawing! It is always fun to draw our own hero and imagine ourselves being the hero too. Inviting you to join a sketch challenge that my friend, @kymio is organizing named #ramadhansketchchallenge2020 where you draw and upload it on Instagram.


Thank you for those warm words. ^^ I will try to participate on that challenge but I do need to have my instagram first. Nice meeting you @kimzwarch

No worry at all :) Keep it up. Love your stuff.