Eating Dragon Fruit for the first time

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Hello everyone! Look what I have today, look at this eye catching fruit that I just bought from my neighbor. This pink color and seedy fruit is called "Dragon Fruit or Pitaya", my neighbor is selling this for 200php or less than 4usd per 1 kilogram. I only bought 1/2kg because I don't want to regret buying many if ever I don't like the taste Lol, this is my first time to buy and eat dragon fruit so I really don't have any idea about the taste and texture of this fruit.


Health benefits

and also my neighbor said that this fruit has so many health benefits so I get a little curious that's why I google it and I found out that this fruit is a high in nutrients, fiber and magnesium and this fruit can also strengthen your immune system so there is no doubth that this is one of the healthiest fruit out there.


Taste and texture

The taste of this fruit is a little sweet and sour well I really can't describe the taste but its taste and texture is a little bit similar to kiwi with crunchy and edible tiny seeds.


For me the taste of dragon fruit is not bad but not that good also, the looks of this fruit is more punchy than its taste, but just like what I said for me the taste is not bad plus it has a very nice watery texture and a lot of health benefits so this Dragon Fruit is also worth a try.

That's all... by the way thank you for your time spent reading this, till my next post ^^



Incredible. I'm amazed how many fruits I've never seen before.

me as well haha, just my curiosity push me to try new things out LOL

Try the white dragon fruit, and next the yellow one if you can find it.

I've seen white dragon fruit here, but I never heard about the yellow one, I will definitely try those especially the yellow dragon fruit if I see those kinds here..

I have seen a lot of it in SM Supermarket but I didn't dare to buy one since it's to pricey can't afford it at the moment. What I know is, it's belong to cacti family which is possible to grow in the garden somewhere near my house.

The taste is not that punchy haha but it's worth a try bro. And yes this fruit belongs to cactus family and can grow in a tropical country..

Hello Friend! Its appearance is very striking, really the first time I hear and read something about that fruit. I guess it is the taste of each person, maybe some like it and others do not.

yah, each person have different taste bud hehe

It is really delicious. That's my favorite.