Herb hunting in the village with my brother

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Good day everyone!, It's been a week since I write my last post because my schedule this past few days is quite hectic, my current job is still not stable because of this pandemic, so everyday after my work I'm helping my brother on his online selling business to earn extra income that's why I can't find enough time to post here on hive everyday.


And after a long week, at last! it's sunday and this also means that its my day-off today, so I have a plenty of time to relax for today but it is also boring to stay at my room alone all day, so I decided to go on my brother's place which is a few walk away from where I am currently staying.


then after eating lunch my brother invites me to go outside to find some plants and herbs that we can put on their backyard, we stroll around the entire village but we didn't found any herbs and interesting plant to put on my brother's place plus the sky is getting cloudy so we decided to go back before the rain falls.


But luckily on our way back, we spotted this lemon grass on one of the free space in the village, this lemon grass looks like just a common grass on the first glance but when you go near in this plant you can smell a lemon like aroma especially when you touch its leaves. And based on its state looks like no one is taking care on this plant so we decided to pick all of them to plant on my brother's yard.


this lemon grass is one of the best herb to put in or near in your house because of its nice aromatic scent which is a natural mosquito repellent and you can also use its leave as a spice on different food recipes.


and after picking all the lemon grass that we saw we go back on my brother's place right away to put this on their yard but the rain starts falling so we decided to plant all of this lemon grass tomorrow.


That's all, I hope you enjoy our herb hunting today and thank you for dropping by, till my next posts...