Preparing "Pandesal" dough to bake for our breakfast tommorow.

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Hello everyone! Tonight I just prepared a dough of "Pandesal" the most popular bread in our country Philippines, most of our locals eats Pandesal for breakfast almost everyday and also pandesal is very popular so you can buy this bread in almost all of the bakeries in our country especially in the morning time, but because of this pandemic the nearest bakery in our house is still closed and also our town is still on the lockdown situation so going out in the morning just to buy a bread is such a pain, that's why I decided to bake pandesal for our breakfast for tommorow morning.





Preparing the dough

First I prepare all the ingredients needed to make a pandesal, then after completeng the ingredients I started on mixing the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder in a bowl, then I preheat the milk on a small pan and I added the yeast and mixed it well.





Then I used stand mixer for making the dough, using a stand mixer is much faster and easiear than kneading the dough.

And after a few minutes of mixing, at last! I finished making the Pandesal dough, I just need to keep it in the frigde overnight till the dough rise and its texture becomes a little sticky and soft.

And my dough preparation for baking Pandesal tommorow is complete. This is my first time on making a Pandesal so I don't if my procedure was right, that's why I didn't put the full recipe in this post haha, well we will see after I finished baking this tomorrow Lol..

That's all and thanks for dropping, hope you enjoyed my content.
Till my next posts...