Work On A New Big Piece - Pen Drawing

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For the past two week, I have been working on this commissioned piece behind closed door and I am already enjoying the challenges it brought to my table.


I am trying a realistic pen drawing or will I say hyperrealistic? It has never been so close like this. And the time I put in has been lengthy when compared with other prejects.

Materials used:

  • Needle point paper
  • Ballpoint pen (blue)
  • Graphic pencil
Below are my detailed steps

Step 1

First and foremost, I started the journey by using a pencil (0.7 graphic) to sketch out my model. This is to ensure accuracy and avoid mistake which will hardly been erased if I had used pen.


Step 2

Thereafter, I worked on the hat. This process lasted for about two days. It took time because I wanted it to look more realistic.


Step 3

After that, I focused on the left side of his face. I deliberately left the eye to complete it at later stage.


Step 4

The journey continued here. At this stage, I started working on the right side of his face. I Still left both eyes blank.


Step 5

And here is the fully completed face. I added the eyes and completed the right side which made it appear real.


This is how far I have gone. Hoping to finish it soonest.

Thank you.


Wow, this one is simply phenomenal! The details are so incredibly realistic! Wonderful job, sir! 😎

Thank you friend. Glad you love it.

You are trying? To me this looks like you nailed it already. This looks insanely good. Would love to see more drawings like this from you. 👍

Thanks. This kind of drawings take a whole lot of time to be done.

The amazing guy with stunning craft works.

Well done bro!

Thanks bro. Still on the way.

Hahahahaha... You're the man, bro


Lol. I think you are👍😎

Yeah, been busy in other activities, learning how to edit pictures on PC and other stuff... Will be coming in a while...

It's really hard for me to make some tokens here, .maybe I'm not doing the right thing, I don't know...

Anyway, thanks for replying my message.

Looking forward to seeing your reply soon

this hat is so realistic!

Wow, exelente trabajo. muy buen dibujo, te dejo mi voto y te sigo.