Well, you got the pictures on Steemit... But I have more in my collection, so more Ian Miller and Druillet. This time not for the resemblance, but just for the heck of it.



Druillet is amazing, i think he did some artworks for Elric of Melnibone?:)

I haven't seen him do Moorcock, but I am sure he did. A very productive guy. Together with Moebius (giraud) he was founder of the French scifi comic magazine, Metal Hurlant, that was exported as Heavy Metal in the US. I agree, a pretty fascinating artist.

He did some epic designs, now that you mentioned him i checked again. Such an eye candy:)

Yes, indeed. I bought a copy of his Salammbô when I was a teenager. I knew him a little from the local version of Metal Hurlant, which in Denmark was called Total Metal. I was blown off my feet.

Ian Miller is a classic, could not remember the name but his art is mesmerizing and finely detailed. As for Druillet, I can't say I recognize the name at all; this amazing triptych though, it seems like living on the edge of my mind, like it has been there all the time and slowly makes it self known again. No more words, I go directly to google more of him, thanks!

OK this did not take long... and it has come full circle.

In google I see more pictures of Druillet, awesome work, lovely style especially his movie posters are great. And, who would have though of it, his favorite author was Lovecraft and made covers and illustrations for some Lovecraft editions. Even better, I read about Druillet through the blog of John Coulthart, the creator of "Haunter of the Dark" a unqiue book of Lovecraftian lore, containing invocations of the Great Old Ones by the High Priest himself, Alan Moore. Everything is connected, STOP IT PLEASE!

There's so much to look forward to. He is a great artist. I thought about him becasue of the circular patterns which is sort of his trademark. He made a comic about a tragic space farer called, Lone Sloane, and he was a big influece on Moebious with which he created the magazine, Metal Hurlant!


I like that! :0)
Great fractal art.
Fractals are fascinating.

They are indeed! I generally try to post pictures of fractals that are different than the usual fractals we see all over the internet galleries. Glad you like it!

Great stuff.
I sometimes play around with Jux. I like Fractals. :0)

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