Flowers for the Beloved

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In eastern part of India and especially in Odisha if you wake up in the wee hours of morning you would find people near flower trees. Not all trees with flowers, but few specific trees who's flower is used for puja. Every household has a small place dedicated to the gods and goddesses and these flowers are offered to them. Fresh flowers are daily offered to the deities. Hence you would see people scrambled around these flower trees in the morning. Though the covid situation has kept everyone indoors, it has not been able to stop people from getting flowers daily for their puja.

Flowers for Beloved.jpg
Flowers for the beloved

As a painter this is my response to this daily activity of plucking flowers. The size of this work is 28 x 20 inch and the medium is transparent watercolor on paper.

Flowers picked for puja at our home

Hope you enjoyed it.


True, I get up at 5 now a days to pluck flower. A little late, there will be nothing left 😀

Actually as people have nothing else to do now a days they start very early. Ha ha ha..

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Graceful watercolor!