Ever Wonder What Is Your Post's Ranking? New Service: "@puncakbukit guess"

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Just reply your post with..

@puncakbukit guess

We will reply it with the information about the possibility that your post may become popular in the next seven days.


Popular Post

We define a popular post by the number of replies that it has. The more replies it has the more popular it is. Here, we consider that number of replies is more important than amount of reward to define popularity. Because unlike amount of reward, number of replies does not depend to the amount of HIVE POWER. Therefore, it is more democratic.

Guessing Method

Every day we collect statistic of posts such as number of replies to decide which one is the most popular. To guess posts ranking, first we compare each post to the most popular one and calculate the similarity score between them. Here, for the similarity criteria we can use for example, the author, the community, the content etc.

Then, we sort them based on the similarity score in descending order. And thus we decide the post's ranking as the order number. So, just reply your post with..

@puncakbukit guess

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  • Go to page Witness Voting.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Input "puncakbukit" in the textbox below.
  • Click VOTE button.
  • We will follow you… ;-)
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