Hive Quran ver 1.0: Search Al-Quran On Hive

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Are you interested in Islam? Or want to search something in Al-Quran? Then, you can use Hive Quran.

For example, to display Al-Quran chapter 1 verse 7, open any post from @puncakbukit then just type in the comments section ...

quran 1:7

Shortly thereafter, we will reply with Al-Quran chapter 1 verse 7 as below .. :) Please try reloading your browser after 1 or 2 minutes to view it.


Some other examples to search verses in Al-Quran, for example:

  • quran 1:1-7: open chapter 1 verses 1 to 7
  • quran 114: open chapter 114
  • quran Allah: search verses containing the word Allah
  • quran 3 Muhammad: search verses containing the word Muhammad in chapter 3
  • quran Ka'ba: search verses containing word Ka'ba
  • quran the sky and the earth: search verses containing words the sky and the earth
  • quran "the sky and the earth": search verses containing phrase "the sky and the earth"
  • quran sky AND earth: search verses containing words sky and earth
  • quran sky OR earth: search verses containing word sky or earth
  • quran "All-knowing": search verses containing word All-knowing

Is there anything else you want to search in Al-Quran?

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This is amazing. Mashallah. May Allah reward you for your efforts!