And Down We Go...

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Like kids in water ( my two girls earlier in March) from where we were just a couple of weeks ago ( like .31 cents per Hive coin).

But I do think it is a good opportunity to buy...

And if you have some extra funds available I would say go for it. I think we are way undervalued for what we have built with Hive.

But me personally...

I am extended to about all I am going to be with Hive. I am comfortable with the amount of Hive Power I have. If I had less than 10K HP I would definitely buy some more but I am satisfied where I'm at now.


I recently diversified and bought some shares of stock in the Tech sector of the Nasdaq. I feel like it is going to continue to go up until the US election hits. So I figure on making a little bit of short term money.

I thought about Buying some BTC...

but then turned an about face and went ahead with the stock purchases to spread myself out evenly among different financial "instruments".

Anyway, cheers to Hive and cheers to way undervalued Hive,
Robert Andrew :)


Well LEO isn't slowing down its up from 3 cents to 12 in a week and you can do some great arbitrage with it

I have finally been powering down a lot of my Steem, so this is a good time for me to be moving it into other areas. I am hoping I can make some smart moves before the prices go back up.