Back to the Grindstone of Commenting and Curating :)

in GEMS3 years ago

No, actually it's no grind. It;s actually enjoyable and carthatic fr me.

I have a List

of over 100 people that I visit. Iam looking to add more and more people to curate and comment on. So if you feel worthy that your blog is worth visiting leave a message in the Comments below.
And I'll check it out


off to work. See ya around ;)

Peace out. Robert Andrew


Wow, that is quite the list! Good luck! You better get your coffee poured!

Yep, I got my Pepsi No Sugar going right now for some good caffeine :)

Hello, i happy to follow you, Thanks

this is a good thing. I think my blog is worth visiting although I write on mainly trading

Thanks @bhoa I'll check it out

You're incredible. 100? That's a lot! haha. Thank you for regularly engaging with me bro.

No problem , I enjoy it :)

Ah what the heck check out mine too if you like mindless ramblings and disjointed write-ups

What a week, a colo....scopy or how is it called and the losing weight and doing the homeschool jeezzz you are so busy , well good luck on the engaging, i am doing the same thing , and started this week to loose the kg of of covid and holiday laziness

That is really alot. I would appreciate if you find the time to give mine a quick glance. Thank you.

You do a lot to help others Rob. Thanks for always giving me support. :)


I appreciate your comments Robert. 🙏