Just had an Endoscopy

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Its a tool where they go down your esophagus to look at it and other body parts like your stomach.

I have had...

Gastritis and a Hiatal Hernia for awhile so they were checking on that, Everything seemed stabilized.

I did get a good snooze...

from the anesthesia they gave me. It used to worry me in the past to be out to sleep but now I actually enjoy it.

I had a Colonoscopy...

2 years back. And it came back completely normal. I highly encourage you guys and gals who hit age 50 to get one and then subsequently every 10 years to keep tabs on your Colon.

Nothing can beat going to get checked out at the Doc whenever problems with health arise.


Take care and I agree about getting those checkups, especially once you turn 40 or earlier if you notice bleeding.

Yes, bleeding is definitely not a good thing

Thank God you are better.. In addition to getting a colon cancer, I think people should also get an EKG when they get to fifty

Totally agree about the EKG @bhoa

I am glad that everything turned out okay. Hopefully it continues to stay that way for you. I am getting closer and closer to that age where I am going to need one of those procedures done. Given my history with cancer they may even have me do it earlier. Either that or at the least more frequently than every 10 years.

Thanks, man. It was a relief and by all means go get checked out sooner than later if cancer does run in your history

Genuinely glad everything worked out well. Live your life to the fullest till the next one... Then repeat!

Thanks empress

Yeah. Health is something that should never be underestimated or taken for granted. Glad to hear everything is fine.

Yes I heard that when someone gets into the age of 50 years old they should have an executive check-out or something like that so that if there is a problem brewing already it can get managed more easily Sir @robertandrew.

I’m glad to hear everything was okay.

That stuff really knocks me out hard!

Great to hear that all is well. Take care of your health @robertandrew