Lovely to see Hive is still continuing to inch up and up in price :)

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We just broke $.28 per token and it has been a long time coming.

Great to see. If we hit a buck ...

I might take a little bit off the table. There is some things I want to do with the extra money. Like pay off some CC debt and invest in some 5g stocks that are primed to take off.

So what...

are some of your plans if we hit $1, $2, or $3 and more ?? Maybe hold onto your stake and make some money with blogging and vlogging or take a little bit off the table ??

Let's hear it folks :)


Hey there!
How Ya doing?
Great I hope!
I'll be honest - 50 / 50
Take some, and stay in the game as well!
I see this becoming a bunch of fun in about 8 more months!
Have a Great Eve!

Yes, lots of excitement in 8 mos. for sure @lesmann 😎

Every sign is there,
Just need to look & watch!

It is pretty exciting. This is the point where I usually get ready for the big drop though. It always seems to be inevitable. Hopefully not this time!

Same here @bozz. Let's keep our fingers crossed

Not at $1 anyway. 5 is my selling capital price. My goal is 50k hive and I'm sticking to it unless prices go crazy. At one I might just sell some of the daily earnings.

The good thing about a rise in the price is that it will be easier to attract new users and build on it. Small votes get bigger and smaller users feel better about posting.

$5 sounds good to me @niallon11 ;)

Yeah man its going nuts, the bull market is in full effect, hold on to your hats, we have no idea how high this thing could go

It's exciting indeed @chekohler

I think i could make do with a little .. then watch it closelyto avoid a brutall crash should incase it happens.

Hopefully no brutal crash @bhoa

I hope so too ... I believe in this project so much