My Personal New Happy Place :)

in GEMS4 years ago

( Below) I spent over an hour building it myself. But I must say it has been a Godsend for me and my meditation. I love coming to my backyard now and spending time here. I had to weed-eed this spot down to the dirt. Then I put some plastic garbage bags down to keep weeds from popping up. And finally got some dark mulch to put over and rocks we had in the yard to use as a perimeter. The chairs we got at Lowes for about $15 a piece. The table is something we got a while back at Walmart.

I just love coming out back to just chill here in the shade. It's something that will be a refuge for me for many years to come


(Below) Is the view I have from my chair. I get to look at the nature filled trees and the beautiful sky at the same time. Quite peaceful !!


Awesome! It's just really great to have your own personal retreat.

It really is. Of course its nothing like the view I had from my swimming pool overlooking the desert mountains in Palm Springs back 10 years ago but this will do :)

Very awesome! This looks like a really cool place to chill out and just relax. Everyone needs a little space like this to call their own!

Yep so true @bozz. Don't know what I would do without one lol

All I can say is beautiful view from where the chairs are. You get to enjoy the cool breeze and the sight.

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I find having a safe retreat extremely essential especially witj evrythjng going on right now.. It doesn't have to be all fancy and expensive. Just a space that is yours. Nice