Slowly but Surely Hive is Rising

in GEMS4 years ago


Am I missing something as far as any news related to hive ??


it looks like we are making somewhat of a move to the upside. There has been a lot of sidewasys movement the last couple of months.

It's like we...

were taking a breather and now we are poised to move to a very positive upward trend in the near future.

Your thoughts and feeling on this are much appreciated ??

Peace out.
Robert Andrew


I think hive has been sitting down for so long so starting to go up, I think it deserve it

About time too!

The remaining alt coin hasn't really done well without Eth and BTC but then hive starting having little momentum since yesterday it's sure a great thing. It's nice to have you back

I feel it has something to do with @theycallmedan being back and active. I think he also mentioned he was buying more hive too.

I definitely hope that is the case. The move to $.25 is nice to see.