Shut Down

in GEMS2 months ago

For some time now I have been having this strange feeling of wanting to be alone. LIke no other person existed or even matter. It has been so much to the point that I feel like changing location to a far away place where no one knows me and where I will be able to start life afresh — even though it will never be afresh to that point I hoped for. I recently placed my phone on call barring, shutting off any one who tries to connect to me via calls or sms for whatever purposes. Of course, this will also shut off those I sincerely care about, which includes Families and Lovers!


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At a time like this, the only friends I have are myself, my code playground, my books and my Playlist. Anything aside that are just not within my attention span. Even while I confessed this to someone, a person I know to be very cool and I believe will give me an answer I wasn't going to be expecting, to my bewilderment, he said it is normal.

I mean, I should not have a hard time believing that because it is obvious that this is not the first time, or second or even third that I have had this feeling. Don't get things all messed up.... It doesn't happen all the time but it come in a scantily few couple of times among the plenty. I have seen people who gained admission to study in a different state as that is where they have chosen for the principal purpose of having a fresh start and a new life. But this, I can't say it has to be that feeling they felt.